About us

  • Payment Facilitator model opens opportunities to work with major banks, as technology partners in ISO20022 messaging, we foster banks and merchant to shorten time to market and offer secured & value-added payment services (QR, RTP, cross bank, cross border, mobile deep link) that meet unique payment approval requirements for business users.
  • Simple and least investment for business users to access multiple Government agencies via ISO15000 standard electronic business messaging (ebXML) through NSW.
  • Combine O2O & social commerce platform with on-demand delivery with built-in chatbot and sub-merchant PayFac solutions.
  • Our core technology is the Network Applications that enables users digitize and automate business processes instantaneously.
  • e-Business Messaging Service (EBMS) platform based on OASIS ebXML framework, the global standard for electronic business that enables B2B/B2G to do business transactions over the internet.
  • e-Logistics and Supply Chains integration in accordance with Thailand National Single Window (NSW) requirement by adoption of ebXML standard, public key infrastructure (PKI), and digital signature for secure electronic document exchange including e-Payment services under the ISO 20022 standard.
  • Payment Facilitator ; we work with major banks as technology partners to shorten time to market, speeds-up the onboarding process, and offer secured & value-added payment services to merchants (QR, RTP, Cross-bank, Cross-border, Mobile Deep Link, etc.).
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